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I didn't even know tree surgery was a thing until I needed branches chopping and couldn't do it myself. GardenersWestminster did a brill job. I actually have sunlight coming into my garden now.

  • Oliver Hoban

This landscaping company does a terrific job. They only hire the best gardeners and have the best rates.

  • Holly F.

I hired Landscapers Westminster to go to my others house to trim her hedges. Their hedge trimming was on point and affordable. I will use them every few months for this. Thanks!

  • Jim

The price for garden care was great and the entire service was just top-notch! GardenersWestminster know how to please their customers - I'll definitely be booking with them again.

  • Anderson M.

Landscapers Westminster saved me. I was organising an important get-together at my home and was working hard to get everything perfect. Just a few hours before things began, I realised that my hedges were a mess. How could I have missed this? So I called in the gardeners and soon they were there and cut my hedges properly. Everything was sorted on time so I can't thank them enough.

  • Sarah Maxwell

Landscapers Westminster and their gardening professionals have made such a huge difference to my garden! I initially hired them a few weeks ago to look at my lawn and plant some things for me, but I was so impressed that they're now my regular company! I would highly recommend this company and their wonderful experts to anyone needing help in their garden!

  • Penny G.

I'd had some design ideas for my garden for a long time but I had never been able to implement them until recently. This is because I met with Garden Care Services Westminster and they were able to do the work for me. I quickly hired them and they were soon doing up my garden. They worked fast and gave me the results I'd always wanted. Their services and the garden they gave me are both a dream come true.

  • S. Brook

I think GardenersWestminster would appeal and be useful to anybody who is looking for a decent team of gardening experts who know what they are doing and who can get the job done in little to no time at all. If it is good, professional and specialised garden care services you are after then this is your team!

  • Maryann Holt

I was so happy with the tree cutting service I got when a tree in my garden had some broken branches hanging over the roof of my house. The experts from Gardening Company Westminster came well equipped with safety gear and tools for the job and sorted it out really quickly. A great service for a good cost, thanks.

  • Christina Fallow

I implore anyone thinking of booking with a gardening company to consider booking with Gardening Company Westminster. They really did provide me with a great tree and hedge trimming service that was first class in terms of both quality and pricing. I'm lucky I came across this company when I did, because otherwise my garden would look like a jungle right now!

  • Kim Cheban

I had neglected taking care of my garden and this meant that weeds had taken over every inch. Getting rid of them myself would be a long and difficult job, so I needed help. I head heard of Westminster Gardeners so I called them to see what they could do for me. I soon found myself with a skilled gardening team at my house, taking care of every single weed. There wasn't a trace of unwanted fauna in my garden once they were finished, because they provided an expert gardening service.

  • Mortimer Farris

Gardening has never been my forte. Gardening Company Westminster's services are a great relief as they are located near to where I live. I like the fact that their charges are transparent and affordable. I recently used their service for trimming and hedging and was absolutely amazed with the results. I will surely be availing of their gardening services again.

  • Sara M.

I really do enjoy relaxing in our garden and spending some quality family time playing some football in the back yard. But I've recently been overloaded with work and a hectic schedule which has kept me away from home and taking care of the garden. It had become an overgrown mess, which recently has been rectified thanks to Landscapers Westminster. They cleaned and cleared everything, from the lawn to the bushes and the patio, so thanks to them, my kids can now enjoy our outdoor space!

  • Dan

I own a busy pub in the centre of town and its garden can look worse for wear very easily after a few days of being busy. I have been using the professional gardening services of Landscapers Westminster for quite a long time now and have never been disappointed. They always assess what needs to be doing, run it past me and give me an amazing price before getting on with it. Fantastic!

  • Lorna

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at GardenersWestminster for all their efforts in transforming the weed filled garden in our backyard. We are now glad to walk into an artistically landscaped elegant garden. Our children love the new design and flower beds. It's amazing how you completely changed the look of our garden and uplifted our spirits.

  • Belinda Danby

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